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January 1, 2016 - Tom Perkins (T.P.) Memorial Ride

This was a very meaningful start to our 2016 riding year to say good bye to a great man who was a friend of Flash.  His son Chris will be taking over the operation of the dealership going forward.
We met for the ride at Oakland Harley-Davidson at 8:45am.  Then we traveled to Dudley Perkins through Alameda and onto the 580 to head over the Bay Bridge then on the 101.  When we arrived, it was amazing to see about 700 bikes in attendance, with over 1,000 people.  Members of all clubs were represented proudly wearing their colors and all commenting on each other bikes and their memories of Tom. Flash got many compliments on her suicide sifter with men telling her she had the most bad-ass bike there.  We got compliments about our patch design and that we were the only women's MC in attendance. Chris started with a brief statement about how seeing so many of us coming together in one place was making his father smile from up above.  He then set out the course of the ride: 380 to 35 to 280 to 92 through Half Moon Bay to the Pacific Coast Highway onto Sharp Park turning to Mission Road, Guadalupe Canyon Parkway to Bay Shore Hwy then onto 101 back to the Dealership.  Flash had technical difficulties with her bike right about Half Moon Bay but persevered to finish the ride. A total of right at 50 miles.
There was beautiful scenery along the coast and some extremely cold temperatures but the sense of community was awe inspiring.  After talking to some familiar faces back at Perkins, we left to go have a delicious but most importantly hot meal at Red Lobster in South City.  Then we headed back to Oakland on a similar route that we took in the morning and ended at Peet's on Fruitvale for a cup of coffee and to discuss the day.
Total Miles: 118.2, Time started: 8:45 am, Time ended: 3:00 pm  - entry by Fae



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